Here is a sample of my set. Remember, unintentional comedy is still comedy!

Listen to new tracks here ▼  (it may take a second to rez, I hear patience is a virtue...)
Remember, you can literally drop on my head real time by checking the SLURLs in my SL Profile updates. 
Just don't forget to yell "INCOMING!" and be prepared to land onstage in front of an audience (evil giggle).

Set List
Here is my (ever-evolving) set list.  I have made some cuts to the original monstrosity and added the following.  I plan to work backwards, adding from my previous repertoire as I go.

(What?  You didn't seriously think I would tell you NOW, did you?  Hold your breath for the big debut like everyone else ;)

Why Don't You Do Right?

​Big Spender

​Black Coffee

​Diamonds Are Forever

​History Repeating

​You Know I'm No Good