1.  Set up the yamaha (discontinued, here is the three times as expensive new one)
2.  Set up the Lexicon analog to digital converter (discontinued, here is the comparably priced new one,)
3. Set up the pc:
  • Any mp3 player or tablet
  • Streaming software
BUTT (broadcast using this tool) is the #1 recommended, and though I had issues with it before it seems to be working now.

Simplecast was my preferred, and while it was discontinued by spacialaudio you can still find the exe online.

  • Do sound checks.  this is the tricky part as this is finicky when streaming in to SL.  You have to plug things in a certain way sometimes, manually change your sound, and you can't use the normal mic/headset with the actual mic plugged in.  Trial and error will work out.

4. Mic check