About Phoenix
I discovered music during the magical, mythical 1980's - a decade of music gold (protesters shall be executed).  It was then I discovered the true power of music.  It can make you dance, take you away or make you the hottest, sweetest, smartest or just plain coolest cat there is.

Music does all of that and more.

My music is more about the laughter.  I am the clumsiest human alive and have been known to fall under my music stand during shows.  Once I dropped the mic on my head while trying to sing and chat simultaneouly.  Its impossible to take yourself seriously while wearing part of your desk, so I gave up trying a long time ago.   There is a lot of mirth at my shows, a positive vibe, lots of energy, stage presence and choreography.  Sometimes, if you listen closely, you can hear years of professional vocal training, meticulous planning and regularly updated material while I perform.  Mostly there is a lot of laughter, though.  Really a ridiculous amount of laughter.

To schedule a performance email me here or contact Phoenix Gerhadsen live or by notecard only in Second Life (I just said I can't sing and chat at the same time, do you really think I will be able to catch your IM if I'm offline?)

You are encouraged to email me with any comments, suggestions or song requests that will make you smile.  I will do my best to deliver! 

...and when I say "deliver," I mean it!  I am all over social media!

  • You can contact me LIVE, real time, like right now, by clicking the SLURLs posted in my SL profile!
  • I keep you up-to-date with notifications on Facebook!
  • I 'm never on Twitter but I have an account anyway!
  • I even air my private thoughts and adventures - OK totally public thoughts and adventures - on my blog!

...but the real fun is my YouTube channel!  I'm not just a Video Vixen, I do interviews, promotional spots, advertisements, acting blurbs and even give totally worthless advice to those that have absolutely nothing better to do!

Do you really think you can miss all this?  I mean that literally - do you think there is any way for you to avoid me?
Here is a sample of my set. Remember, unintentional comedy is still comedy!

Listen to new tracks here ▼  (it may take a second to rez, I hear patience is a virtue...)